Azalea's Dress up Dolls - Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Do you take suggestions for games?
Feel free to write me to share your suggestions, but I can’t make promises. Each game requires weeks of work, some of them months, so I have to feel motivated and inspired by the theme to come up with something good – and for me, choosing the theme is always a big deal. However, people’s suggestions do influence my choices, for example many of you asked for a mermaid scene maker which prompted me to make the game.
Can you release exclusive games more often?
Sorry no... unless I make smaller games with less options! I make the games from scratch, working roughly part-time because I’m also taking care of my two very young sons (born in 2012 and 2013). When they'll start going to pre-school, becoming more independant etc I may be able to work more hours on game design.
Can you add a save button to a certain game?
Sorry I can’t. All my older games, up to the Heroine Creator, were coded in actionscript 2 and I have no clue how to make save buttons in that version of the language. My subsequent games, starting with Velvet Fashion, are coded in actionscript 3 which is why those all have a save button.
Can I use an image from your game for an avatar on another website?
Can I use images from your games on other websites to showcase my dolls, or as illustrations for a story I wrote, etc?
Not a problem, but please credit my website and if possible link to
Can I use images from your games to sell products?
It depends; you must contact me to ask for permission.
(Of course, this only applies to my exclusive games. I can’t give permission about games that I host on my website but were made by other people)
Can you make your games available on mobile devices?
Not at this time. I'd love to release an app, and I've looked into it but got discouraged with the process. Got too much on my plate to make it happen.
What programs do you use to make your games?
I use a digital drawing tablet, Wacom Intuos 3, and almost always, I draw everything in Photoshop. Then I import the bitmaps in Flash, where I code the game using a language called actionscript 3. It’s possible to use Flash to make all the graphics, or to use another drawing program; I just like Photoshop for this phase of design. Free trials for Photoshop and Flash, along with tutorials, are available at If you're a beginner with Flash and are making your first dress up game, I recommend finding tutorials on creating movie clips, and dragging movie clips, to make a simple drag n drop game (that’s how I started out).
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