Azalea's Dress up Dolls
How to Keep Playing Flash Games
Many Flash games now work thanks to Ruffle!
But for those Flash games that still do not, a simple way to make them work is to open in the Y8 browser.
Easy hack using the Y8 app

The Y8 app, or Y8 browser, is a free app for your computer. It gives you access to all the Flash at, and at other websites as well !


Step 1: Download the Y8 app

Go here:
Download the file to your computer, and run the exe to launch the app. You won’t have to redo this step in the future.


Step 2: Navigate in the Y8 app to find

It’s a mini browser, so you cannot type the address of other websites; but you can click a link inside a game and open that website in a new window.

So, simply do this:
-           Launch the Y8 browser
-           In the search bar, type Dark Fairy (or another title by AzaleasDolls currently up at
-           Launch the game, and click the in-game link
-           Ta-dah ! Now all the Flash works at !

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