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Sun Dress


Sun Dress - Exclusive

Create a radiant princess dress, by adding different layers to the puffy skirt, and to the bodice with sleeves, frills and various items around the shoulders. But first, choose from long hairstyles fit for a princess! This dress up game is inspired by Allerleirauh, one of the Grimm fairytales, and also known under the title All-kinds-of-fur or Thousandfurs. Like Cinderella, Allerleirauh is a servant who appears at the ball in a sumptuous dress, and is immediately noticed by the prince; but she has to leave before the ball is over. A lovely detail in her story however, is that there are three balls. On the first night she wears a dress that shines like the sun; on the second night, a dress that shines like the moon; and on the third night, a dress that shines like the stars. With this game, use the nutshell buttons on top to easily stick to one color scheme.


Based on Allerleirauh
Cat and flower design