Azalea's Dress up Dolls
How to Keep Playing Flash Games
So many awesome Flash games were created over the years! But since January 2021, they no longer play in main browsers like Chrome and Firefox. The good news is, it's still possible to play Flash games at, which is why the games are preserved on this website. To keep playing your favorite dress up games, follow the 2 steps below.
Easy hack using the Y8 app

The Y8 app, or Y8 browser, is a free app for your computer. It gives you access to all the Flash at, and at other websites as well !


Step 1: Download the Y8 app

Go here:
Download the file to your computer, and run the exe to launch the app. You won’t have to redo this step in the future.


Step 2: Navigate in the Y8 app to find

It’s a mini browser, so you cannot type the address of other websites; but you can click a link inside a game and open that website in a new window.

So, simply do this:
-           Launch the Y8 browser
-           In the search bar, type Dark Fairy (or another title by AzaleasDolls currently up at
-           Launch the game, and click the in-game link
-           Ta-dah ! Now all the Flash works at !


You now have access to older exclusive games such as:
Mermaid Scene: Create up to seven mermaids and mermen, with choices of body types. Add children, animals and organize them into a scene


Arabian Nights: A scene maker inspired by Aladdin and Jasmine, with endless options
Pin-Up Princess: Create adorable pin-ups in retro outfits
Heroine Creator: This game is divided up into themes from Disney movies
Casual Style: Fashion for everyday life. Are you able to re-create your personal look?
It's really easy, and unlocks 100 games!
Cat and flower design