Sleeping Beauty: Read the Fairytale
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Sleeping Beauty - Fairytale

Read the story of Sleeping Beauty, as recorded by the Brothers Grimm in the 1800s. The original English title is actually Little Briar-Rose, which is close to the German Dornröschen (thorn of a little rose), and may remind you of Aurora’s nickname Rose in the Disney movie. This ancient folk tale was also recorded in the 1600s by Charles Perrault under the title La Belle aux Bois Dormant (sleeping beauty of the woods).

The timeless theme of a beautiful woman awoken by a kiss is found in another Grimm fairytale, that of Snow White who was poisoned by a jealous queen. And it's in the old Norse myth of the Valkyrie Brunhhild. Punished by Odin for bringing the wrong warrior to Valhalla, Brunhild is asleep on top of a mountain in a ring of fire. She is awoken by the hero Siegfried who crossed the flames.


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